Wholesale Tragus Piercing and Helix Earrings

We offer plenty of Wholesale Tragus Piercing and Helix Earrings. The tragus and helix piercing locations are located within the ear cartilage and a great way to pierce your ear in a slightly less conventional place - a growing fashion in the ancient practice of ear piercing!

Tragus piercings and helix piercings (in fact any cartilage earrings location) are some of the slowest healing piercings of all - so of course, tragus and helix jewelry need to be made of a high-quality material in order to facilitate the healing process. Cartilage earrings need to be of a suitable size to fit in the ear. Barbells and studs of various sizes can be used in the helix piercing and tragus piercing areas. The jewelry styles that fit this area are mainly rings, barbells, and studs, and our twister ring category can provide an interesting alternative option to fit in the ear cartilage. If you need any assistant with our wholesale tragus piercing and helix earrings feel free to contact us.