Wholesale Nipple Rings Jewelry & Nipple Piercing

Wholesale nipple rings jewelry and nipple piercing, in general, was once seen only as part of body piercing’s subculture, but now with support from stars of the screen and music world, the standard nipple rings and nipple bars are seeing a big rise in popularity. New designs such as nipple shields expand the possibilities even further. As with many other piercing locations, great care must be taken to choose the right nipple rings jewelry for your anatomy, and especially when choosing nipple jewelry for an initial piercing, and piercing studios will usually advise nipple bars or standard nipple rings to allow space for the piercing to heal, and to minimize the risk of getting the piercing caught by clothing. After healing, there are many options such as a combination of nipple bars (or the common barbell), or nipple shields in various materials such as surgical steel, silver or Bioflex.