Horseshoes, Pinchers, Crescent, Horseshoe Rings

No piercing supplier can be without an extensive supply of these: curved barbells and circular barbells are simply made to fit all over the body. Circular and curved barbells can be used in the ear, tragus, septum, lip, eyebrow and many more piercing sites.
Our range includes a wide variety of finishes and styles, all made to our highest standard. With our curved and circular barbells, you get the best variety available online, competitive wholesale prices and guaranteed quality. For specific piercing jewelry, please check our other categories.
We manufacture an extensive variety of different styles, materials, and colours, perfect for a range of body piercing locations including the face. If you are browsing for body jewelry that's more appropriate for a specific body piercing location, you can browse our other categories that are tailor-made for specific areas.