Wholesale Curved Barbells, Eyebrow Jewelry & Belly Rings

Our wholesale curved barbells most commonly used for an eyebrow piercing, curved barbells are also perfect for a variety of other smaller piercings such as the nose or nostril piercing, and in the ear such as conch or helix piercing areas. Our range of wholesale curved barbells includes many finishes and customizations ( and also with internal and external threading for safer removal) all in a large array of finishes gauges, and styles to suit many tastes. These wholesale curved barbells are ideal for piercings such as eyebrow piercings (or another piercing in which the clearance of skin is small enough to fit within the circumference of the ring) and ear piercings such as a conch or a helix piercing. Remember we also have a great range of straight barbells to suit any type of body piercing.