Wholesale Captive Bead Ring (CBR) Jewelry

Wholesale Captive bead ring (CBR) jewelry can become of the most popular items in any wholesale body piercing supplier’s stock. A huge variety of body piercing types can take a captive bead ring. This jewelry type is sometimes referred to as a ball closure ring (BCR) and can be used as nose jewelry, ear jewelry, navel jewelry, lip jewelry and even in intimate piercing areas. Wholesale captive bead rings are always going to be very popular for their versatility and ease of removal, and the huge scope for customization – we offer many sizes, shapes, and styles, all in our top-quality certified materials. Our Wholesale CBR/BCR range is designed and updated so that you can always offer your customers the freshest new captive bead ring designs on the market. Check out our range of wholesale captive bead rings below in a range of durable and quality finishes from stainless steel to titanium.