Tongue Rings, Industrial Bars, Micro Piercing Jewelry

Barbell jewelry is without question the most popular style of body jewelry we make here at Shining Light. Barbells are the most versatile form and can be worn as ear jewelry, nose jewelry, navel jewelry or tongue jewelry. Ranging from our industrial barbell range made with 316L surgical steel to barbells with gold plating and unique attachments, our range of barbells are almost limitlessly customizable, making them an essential item for any piercing studio or supplier.
Barbell piercings are perfect as an initial piercing due to the simplicity of the form and almost always the recommended jewelry style for an initial piercing, due to the ease of removal and lack of risk to healing skin. Once the piercing is healed there are many options to take it to the next level: balls with carbon fibre, vibrating barbells, mother of pearl, charmed studs and more.