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Wholesale plugs and tunnels, ear plugs, flesh tunnels, and expanders are all part of an increasingly popular form of body modification and body piercing technique which leans towards a more extreme tribal style look. Using wide plugs in the ears is something that modern body piercing has taken from indigenous cultures and is becoming increasingly accepted, whereas previously it was quite a niche style and not seen so commonly. Stretching a piercing requires a range of jewelry sizes and styles in order to safely and gradually increase the piercing to the desired size. Our safety-tested materials are perfect for this, such as ear plugs and ear gauges in certified safe materials of increasing size. Great care must be taken whilst stretching, moving from ear gauges on to tunnel piercings and ear plugs must be done gradually, and we stock the variety of materials and sizes required for any studio. Contact us if you feel any more information about our wholesale plugs and tunnels.