Seamless Hoop, Seam Ring, Nose Hoop, Cartilage Hoop Earring

Whereas ball closure rings are so very popular for their versatility and circular form, many people may not have heard of continuous rings. Continuous rings are classified as circular ring-type body jewelry pieces that are sealed without a gap in the ring as found in ball closure rings/captive bead rings. Instead of a ball or segment that is removed, there is a small gap that is manipulated in order to look as if there is no break in the ring.
Continuous rings are also known as seamless rings - they are a versatile and convenient alternative to ball closure rings and are great for nose piercings and other areas so that you can change your jewelry rapidly and have a ring that looks completely seamless. Our seamless rings are available in gold, rose gold, silver, titanium, steel, and more styles and finishes.