Sterile Piercing, Pre-Sterilized Jewelry, Pre-Packed Jewelry, EO Gas Sterilized

Alongside the highest standards of hygiene and safety in a piercing studio, initial piercings demand carefully sterilized body jewelry – this is piercing 101 and every professional respects this. For convenience and efficiency in customer service, every piercing studio no matter the size should have a good supply of sterilized body jewelry on hand. Ready-sterilized body jewelry cuts out the need for time-consuming sterilization - saving you and your customers time. We offer a range of body piercing kits, including a variety of sterile body jewelry types, sterile corks, sterile receiving tubes and more accessories. Each piece is hygienically sealed and comes with a laboratory certified sterilization document, guaranteeing a clean and sterile piercing procedure.
Browse our full range of sterilized body jewelry here, including curved barbells, captive bead rings, navel bananas, nose studs and more.