Talons, Claws, Crescents, Hooks, Pinchers, Ear Hangars

Body spirals, twister rings, and ear spirals provide an exciting modern twist to a variety of jewelry styles. Wherever a barbell can be used, body spirals probably can too! Twisters (or twister rings) look like nothing else available and give the wearer a much more dramatic look.
Ear spirals are a great addition to the traditional ear jewelry ranges, and body spirals can be used in many other piercing locations. Ear spirals are also a perfect option for piercing fans who are interested in stretching, using the weight of the jewelry itself to gently expand – so again this kind of jewelry should always be made from the highest quality material with a smooth finish in order to minimize the risk of damage to the skin. Our spirals and twisters are all fully customizable in our range of materials and finishes.