Wholesale Surface Piercing Jewelry & Dermal Anchors

Wholesale surface piercings jewelry such as micro dermal implants and dermal anchors are modern to the point of being almost futuristic, and a great alternative for the body piercing fan who is looking for something a little different to a standard body piercing. This surface piercing jewelry style can be seen in many piercing locations all over the body, where dermal anchors and micro dermal implants are used in place of instead of the standard barbells and rings. Our wholesale surface piercings jewelry and dermal anchors can be appropriate for the arms and neck, face and more – however, these piercings can take longer to heal than standard piercings. So alongside great care taken during the piercing and after, high-quality jewelry is essential in order to facilitate a smooth and rapid healing process. We have a large range of surgical grade wholesale surface piercing jewelry and dermal anchors to suit any style.