Genital Piercing, Christina Piercing, Hood Jewelry, VCH, Clit Ring, Cuffs

Just like people, our intimate piercing jewelry comes in many shapes and sizes. Genital piercing for men and women has long been a part of body piercing subculture, and it has become increasingly popular in modern, liberal society. Both male and female genital piercings are said to bring the wearer more than just aesthetic appeal. For women, intimate jewelry and intimate piercing options include; clitoral hood piercings, clitoris piercings, and inner labia piercings. Men's intimate jewelry piercing options include Prince Albert and foreskin intimate piercing, and there are many charms and adornments that work with these piercing types.
Flamboyant or discreet - we have the intimate jewelry to match the look desired. Intimate piercing areas are of course the most sensitive on the body, so buying from our stock of guaranteed high-quality jewelry means you can shop with peace of mind at the material and workmanship quality.