Internally Threaded, Externally Threaded, Dimple Ball, Threaded Ends, Replacement Balls, Spikes, Dermal Tops, Piercing Balls, Body Jewelry Parts

Modern body piercing jewelry can have one or more extra small pieces that either adorn or connect (or both) different sections together, which means that there are small connecting body jewelry pieces that can easily be lost. It's great to have a stock of these for replenishing any losses, or even giving your customers a collection of loose balls, attachments, and tops to have in order to change the look of their body jewelry pieces without buying a completely new set.
Below you'll find our extensive collection of loose balls, attachments, and tops – ideal for customizing with certain matching body piercing jewelry parts or to use as spares in case of loss or if a replacement is required. We have a selection of threaded and unthreaded attachments, spare cones for labrets, and a huge range of barbell balls and adornments in our varied catalog.