The Most Painful Piercings

Oct 20 — 3 mins read

Piercings can be done on multiple body parts, from the more traditional parts to some slightly exciting ones and others that are somewhat bizarre.

Have you ever wondered how much that piercing you want will hurt? If so, keep in mind that the number of nerve endings, skin thickness, and pain tolerance factor into how much each piercing will hurt.

With this in mind, read about the six most painful piercings here.

1. Daith

This piercing sees a puncture on the mound of cartilage above the ear canal in your inner ear.

The daith has tough tissues and sits awkwardly. This means it takes longer to perforate the dense cartilage and get to the right angle. This makes it more painful than simpler piercings.

2. Nipple



You might already know that your nipples are among the body parts with the most nerve endings. This makes them extremely sensitive. As such, a nipple on one or both piercings is painful.

So much so that most people say this is the most painful piercing they have had. However, many people get this piercing for the statement they make. Aesthetics aside, nipple piercings are also known to enhance sexual pleasure.

3. Genital Piercing

The genitals have more nerve endings than the nipples. So if you have had a nipple piercing, a genital piercing will likely hurt more than that. With this being the most sensitive part of the body, the pain will be equivalent to the sensitivity; let no one tell you otherwise.

Because of their positioning, nipple and genital piercings require careful aftercare. You can also get some pain from chaffing and so on until the piercing completely heals. All these factors help make genital piercings one of the most painful piercings you can get.

4. Dermal Piercings



Most piercings perforate the skin and come out from the other end. Dermal piercings do not. Instead, a perforation is made, and jewelry is thrust downwards through several levels of the skin. This cannot be done painlessly, no matter how good a piercer is.

Because these piercings can be done anywhere on the body, some of the parts chosen are ordinarily more painful than others. For example, people get dermal piercings on their chests, face, lower back, and so on.

5. Septum



You can get most nose piercings without going through significant pain. However, pain is unavoidable with a septum piercing.

The result of this is often beautiful, especially when adorned with an exquisite piece of jewelry. The journey of getting there is, however, not as pleasant.

The reason for septum piercing pain can be attributed to the soft and delicate tissues that line it. Yet, weirdly enough, some people term the process as fairly painless.

6. Industrial Piercing

Industrial Piercing

Industrial Piercing

As you have noticed, any piercing going through cartilage will hurt. An industrial piercing sees two punctures on the upper cartilage of the ear. This is then held together by one piece of jewelry.

The two puncture wounds will undoubtedly deliver some pain.

It Gets Better…

It helps to focus on the fact that while you will have to withstand a few seconds of pain, you will have a piercing to enjoy for a lifetime.

Once you are healed, be sure to get an array of gorgeous jewelry for your new piercing from shining light body jewelry in here.