Body Chain Jewelry, Waist Chain, Belly Jewelry, Waist Ornaments

Belly chains are an elegant variation on the classic navel jewelry, and a modern take on classic Kamarband/Udiyanam Eastern traditional jewelry, otherwise known as a sari waist band and worn ceremonially and for decoration in Eastern cultures such as India and Persia. Delicate metal chains are worn around the waist area and can be adorned with a variety of precious metals as enhancements and accents.
The belly chain is a jewelry style that does not require a body piercing although it can certainly be used in conjunction with a belly button piercing for additional effect. These would be known as pierced belly chains. Belly dancers the world over have been known to use belly chains to draw attention to the belly area when dancing - silver and gold belly chains are common traditionally but our techniques mean that many different materials can be used for the modern fan.