What Piercing Supplies Do You Need For A Piercing Shop?

Mar 22 — 3 mins read

Piercings are in!

Celebrities and social media have made body piercings trendy, fashionable, and absolute must-haves for people that love to be with them.

If you love the world of piercings, this is something you can monetize as there are numerous ways to earn an income in this space. One of these is opening a piercing shop. If this sounds interesting, a huge part of the business is getting the required equipment.

Here are some wholesale body piercing supplies you need for a piercing shop.


Regardless of which type of piercing is being done, it’s crucial to hold everything steady so as to get the piercing in the exact spot you want it.

These come in different shapes and sizes, and there are different forceps for different functions. Some of the most common ones are:

Hemostat forceps

These forceps are used to hold jewelry steady and secure when piercing. You will use this equipment a lot, and you, therefore, need to find one that's comfortable and easy to use. These can be curved or straight, and you will likely need both for various functions.

Forester, Pennington, and Septum forceps

While hemostat forceps hold the jewelry, these three forceps hold the body part being pierced steady during the piercing. These come in slotted and un-slotted varieties, which allow the forceps to be drawn after the needle goes in.


Body Piercing Needles are easily the most obvious items you will need in a piercing shop.

Piercing needles are hollow and come in various gauge sizes. You want to have needles with a tri-bevel edge when you first get into the piercing business. These are needles that puncture the skin quickly and with minimal bleeding and pain.


One of the worst things you can do is have a piercing shop that does not hold up high hygiene and safety standards.

By doing so, you risk triggering and transferring infections to customers. This is the quickest way to ruin your brand, hemorrhage customers, and even get sued.

Autoclaving sterilizes your piercing equipment just like they do with medical equipment. Be aware that an autoclave machine is likely to be the most expensive item you will have to invest in. However, it will kill bacteria and prevent infectious diseases from spreading. This makes it well worth its cost.

An autoclave machine looks much like a microwave and uses steam, gas, and high heat to sterilize jewelry, tools, and needles.

Piercing jewelry

Once a piercing is done, fastening jewelry in place is important in helping secure the puncture spot so it can heal as it should.

As such, you should have a wide range of body jewelry to use on clients. Examples of these include:

  • Straight, circular and curved barbells
  • Ball closure rings
  • Heavy gauge jewelry
  • Internally threaded jewelry


The above are some of the most prominent supplies you will need before opening your shop.

Naturally, you will want to get the best quality you can to deliver the best experiences to your customers. Visit Shining Light Body Jewelry to see some viable wholesale piercing supplies.