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Mar 26 — 4 mins read

This is our very first blog post on this site and we are certainly excited to share our knowledge and love with our clients and potential clients of our jewelry product line that has product warehoused in the US.  

If you happen to have a topic that you'd like us to write about, ask! We would be happy to have this blog be a helpful resource for everyone.

Wholesale body jewelry (with) no minimum order required

If you are looking to get into the body jewelry reselling but not sure you want to invest in a bunch of wholesale body jewelry? Why not work with a company that doesn't have any min. order. We are actually wholesale body jewelry no minimum manufacturer that has a lot of inventory ready to ship right here in the US. That's right, get your body jewelry at amazing wholesale prices to resell in your store or online. We offer only our unique personalized designs. Before we do a design we certainly take into account the market. Doing market studies is important to ensure our designs are going along with the trends. Our goal is to produce amazing designs that are affordable and will sell quickly for our clients. The better our product sells, the more order our company will receive. It is a win-win.

If you are thinking about adding a collection to your already existing business but don't want to invest in a large quantity just yet, we can help. We are a dedicated body jewelry suppliers (USA) that offer our wholesale body jewelry no minimum. This allows you to try this sector of the market out without getting stuck with a lot of jewelry that just won't sell. Take a look at our stunning body jewelry selection. We offer tongue rings, belly rings, nose rings, nipple rings, and plugs and expanders too. If you are a tattoo parlor that offers piercings there is perfect for your shop.

Great selection means better sales

Remember, if you are going to sell to the general public you should get a nice selection of body jewelry, to feel out what style is popular in your area. We ship all over America and understand what is popular in one place, might not be so popular in another. We want you to be successful! If you have any questions or concerns about our body jewelry selection be sure to speak up. Because we have been in the industry for many years we have seen trends in certain areas. Let us take a look at what has been popular in your area in the recent past. This can give you a leg up on what to select for your boutique or shop.

When choosing the jewelry you should also get a nice variety of styles. Maybe choose what is most popular in your area as far as piercing type and expand out as your body jewelry side of the business grows. Without having min. orders this is a great way to get started, small, and work your way up. We work with our clients to help them in every step that we can. Be sure that you choose from rhinestone bling kind as well as some basic designs. Many times people get stuck buying what they like, rather than what they think will sell. Don't let that be you! Remember, this is a business and what others might like, may not go along with your own personal preference.  

Wholesale body jewelry suppliers (USA)

Much of our body jewelry is stored in the US. This allows us to quickly and efficiently ship you the product as it is already on US soil. There are no waiting weeks for the shipping to arrive, it should only take a few days. Our warehouse is manned daily and everything goes out the same or following day. We believe in prompt service and quality products at an affordable price and it shows. Take a leap of faith and get into the body jewelry selling industry today. Soon you will see how much fun it is to sell body jewelry and pick out the amazing designs that you just know your clients will fall in love with. We offer all kinds of different styles, shapes, and colors to meet everyone's unique needs.

If you are not quite sure, yet, what is holding you back? Our customer care specialists can answer all of your questions and address your concerns. We want you to be fully on board and ready to give this new business a serious go. If this is not a new business but maybe an additional product line, congrats! Body jewelry is a huge industry with many people buying new designs all the time. There are all kinds of different ways people can wear body jewelry too. A barbell can be worn in a variety of different piercings as can continuous rings. Starting your collection with some of the ambiguous jewelry designs might give you a better chance at selling them too.