Tattoo Supplies Wholesale, All You Need To Know

Aug 04 — 4 mins read

Having a good stock of essential supplies on hand, ready and waiting for use, is vital to running a successful tattoo parlor. From inks and needles to grips, cables, salves, and creams, knowing artists have the right equipment gives a good impression to customers and can help keep turnover flowing.

Buying wholesale tattoo supplies can be a bit of a minefield, however. Not all suppliers are equal, and the quality of goods and services can vary dramatically. Shining Light Piercing remains the best option available, shipping a wide variety of wholesale tattoo supplies within the US with global shipping also available.

Below, we will detail what tattoo supplies wholesale operations offer and what to look for in a supplier.

Use a trusted supplier

While keeping an eye on the bottom line is important, considerations other than cost should also be factored in when looking for a trusted supplier.

Firstly, a supplier should be reachable. The relationship between a supplier and a buyer is often a lot more personal than you might think. As a buyer, keeping in contact with a supplier is important for stock updates, shipping estimates, keeping abreast of new lines and supplies, and maintaining a good working relationship. A reputable supplier will be reachable via mail, e-mail, phone, and a contact form.

A good supplier will also have plenty of stock available. There’s not much point in a supplier who can’t supply and a website that lists a massive variety of products is no use to anyone if none of it is in stock. Reputable suppliers like Shining Light will list live stock levels along with the product itself so you know exactly how much you can order without delay. Out-of-stock products should also give an estimate when shipping is available again.

Suppliers should also be competent and professional. This professionality should be observed throughout the process and at all points of contact. Even in the case of established supplier and buyer relationships, respect for the customer is important. This includes prompt responses and resolutions to problems.

Lastly, a trusted supplier will have a professional website that is fully functional. As a buyer, you should expect to be able to place a tattoo supplies wholesale order entirely online with the website making it easy to see stock levels and order totals. Mistakes such as spelling errors, website bugs, poor layout, and bad stock photography are signs that the supplier may not be trustworthy.

Essential tattoo supplies

For the US tattoo market, Shining Light ticks all these boxes and are the trusted supplier for many tattoo parlors who enjoy our quick, professional responses, fast shipping, and quality goods.

In our experience, there are some supplies that all tattoo parlors and professional operations need to keep in constant stock. These include:


High-quality ink results in tattoos with richer colors, deeper blacks, and finer detail. A good tattoo supplier will only offer top-tier wholesale tattoo ink products such as Eternal Ink and StarBrite Tattoo Ink. With the reputation of your business on the line, choosing to keep in stock only premium ink supplies will result in happier customers, better impressions, and continued business with no compromising.


The best ink in the world is only as good as the needle it’s applied with. Ensuring your tattoo artists have an abundant supplier of the very best needles available when they need them means less waiting, more tattooing, and more revenue.

As well as the standard needles you’d expect such as sterile number 10 round liners, you should also keep in stock more premium needles such as Shining Light’s 0.3mm Magnum Sterile Needle Cartridge with Membrane.


An important part of tattoo work that often goes underappreciated is the role of aftercare. While the piercing stage applies the ink, the final result can depend largely on the level of aftercare given to the tattoo.

It is vital, then, to offer a wide range of top-quality ointments, salves, balms, bandages, and moisturizers. While these are profitable items to keep in stock, they maintain the look of the final artwork and go a long way in preserving your parlor’s reputation.

Tattoo salves are an essential as well as good quality whole recovery derm shield.

Where to buy tattoo supplies near me

Tattoo parlors around the globe can expect high-quality goods and exceptional service from Shining Light Piercing’s online tattoo supplies wholesale store.

Located in San Diego, Shining Light has been at the forefront of both piercing and tattoo trends since 1999. Now an established wholesale supplier, Shining Light has in stock everything you need from medical and cleanroom supplies to piercing and tattoo essentials, including inks for all skin types.

With no minimum order requirements and stock is driven by industry demand, Shining Light’s online wholesale store is a one-stop shop for tattoo and piercing supplies.