5 Things To Know When Buying Body Piercing Jewelry Online

Jun 09 — 3 mins read
5 Things To Know When Buying Body Piercing Jewelry Online

5 Things To Know When Buying Body Piercing Jewelry Online

The popularity of e-commerce today cannot be overstated. Nothing beats being able to log into your computer and shop for stuff at your convenience.

If you love piercings, you can shop for piercing jewelry online just like you shop for everything else. But, again, just like everything else, there are hundreds of retailers online that you could buy from.

As exciting as this can get, and as much as you just want to fill your cart with goodies, you need to go about it the right way.

Here are five things to know when buying body piercing jewelry online.

1. Size Matters

One thing you do not have when shopping online is the chance to try stuff on before purchasing. This makes shopping for piercing jewelry online slightly challenging.

Sizing is among the key things you need to get right before hitting the catalogs. Body jewelry is divided into multiple categories and sizes. Good online sites have all this information on display to allow you to find what you need quickly.

Once you are clear on the type of jewelry, you will need to get some measurements done. Some of the numbers you need are:

  • The gauge(thickness) of the plug or jewelry
  • The length of curved and straight barbells
  • The diameter for circular barbells and other ornaments

If you are not sure about your measuring prowess, ask your jeweler to take the measurements for you. If you opt to DIY, here is a sizing chart to help you out.

Return Policies

Return Policies

2. Return Policies

Each retailer has its own return policy. It's always prudent to find out what these are from the website. The same goes for their policies on exchange terms and refunds.

This lets you know what your options are pre-purchase. Because of their sensitivity, most retailers won’t usually take back body jewelry items after the package has been opened. This is important to know, and it also makes getting your measurements right all the more important.

3. Scammers Exist

While there are numerous legit body jewelry retailers online, there are some scammers in the works.

Before making any purchase, it's essential to do your due diligence to determine the legitimacy of the site you are buying from. Read more on how to spot online shopping scams.

Shipping Costs

Shipping Costs

4. Shipping Costs

Shipping costs will ultimately push up the cost of buying an item. As such, look at the cost of the item, plus its shipping or delivery charges.

It would not make much sense to spend more of the logistics of an item getting you than on the actual ornament itself.

5. Payment methods

We have numerous online payment methods nowadays. Credible sites will have several platforms you can use for payments.

Check what these are and which ones you feel the most comfortable using.

At Shining Light Body Jewelry, we understand the complexities of online shopping. As such, we try to make our online experience as pleasant as possible for our customers.

Visit our site to see what we have on offer, size charts, certifications, and so on.