Cover Trendy Body Jewelry To Keep An Eye On For 2022

Feb 13 — 3 mins read

5 Trendy Body Jewelry To Keep An Eye On For 2022

Just like any other fashion, jewelry trends are very fluid. So what was hot yesterday might be considered old-fashioned today. As such, you need to get yourself the hottest, newest jewelry to go with the season's clothes.

Wondering what your options are? Here are five trendy body jewelry to keep an eye on in 2022.

1. Chunky Gold Ring

This year, less is definitely not more.

Remember the chunky necklace trend? Well, it's back, only with rings. Not just rings from any metal but gold rings.

As you know, gold will stand out in whatever size, now wear it in a chunky ring, and you have it shouting from the rooftops.

These statement rings should ideally be worn on their own, as adding on more accessories is likely to give you a heavy look. See other trendy ring options here.

2. Chokers

Chokers were a must-have in the '90s. They then went into obscurity after that, just popping in and out of our lives every so often.

Well, the choker has made its comeback, albeit slightly differently.

The 90’s choker was a statement piece all by itself. Typically, this meant numerous embellishments; the 2022 choker is minimalist. Go for simple, understated chokers with clean lines. They are intended to be worn on your neck ever so subtlety.

Luckily, their versatility allows them to be paired in tens of ways. So let your creativity lead the way.

3. Men’s Bracelets

In past civilizations, men wore metal and leather bands as amulets and protective charms on their wrists.

Fast forward to today, and men are wearing bracelets purely for fashion. Thankfully, designers have not been left behind in this and have upped their game to have exquisite male jewelry on their collections as well.

The top trend for the season is black gold men’s bracelets, and this trend is easy to explain. Nothing screams masculine like the sext, rugged look of black gold. There is a reason why black gold is called the Cadillac of men's jewelry, after all!!!

Plain black gold will go with anything. If you want gemstones, its opaque black surface offers the perfect background.

4. Pearlcore

Pearls have made such a mark in 2022 that the term pearlcore has been coined specifically to refer to pearly jewelry.

Pearls don’t really go out of style, but their silent sophisticated does not give them the prominence nor the attention they deserve. Well, this year will be different.

As has been witnessed on designer runways like Givenchy, Tom Ford, Simone Rocha, and Valentino, 2022 is indeed the return of the pearls. Go crazy with different combinations, styles, and sizes to personalize gorgeous looks.

5. Beads

You will also see a lot of beaded Jewry this coming year. Whether it’s their vibrant colors or earthly looks, these are bound to be the go-to accessory for casual looks.

Color will work year-round as vibrant hues will fit in with summer and brighten colder months. But, again, no rules here; let your personality shine through.